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Let yourself be carried away into the breathtaking world of jewellery and wristwatches by the exclusive brand alain LE mondial. Experience the diversity of our collections on the following pages.

With Infinite Love by alain LE mondial - our wedding collection - we have created a whole collection especially for loving people and people in love for weddings as well as for special occasions such as engagement, wedding day, mother's day or Valentine's Day. This series is complemented by our collection Love & Eternity by alain LE mondial, which extends the repertoire with exceptional masterpieces of jewellery on the subject of love and eternity.

With youthful freshness and a pleasant price level, the jewellery models in the collection Lifestyle & HipHop by alain LE mondial are dedicated to the modern and artistic lifestyle.

Much more curageous and expressive are the necklaces, rings and earrings of the collections Wild Life by alain LE mondial as well asWild Nature by alain LE mondial and Beach & Ocean by alain LE mondial, which are inspired by "Wild Life", "Wild Nature" and "Beach & Oceans". Each piece of jewellery in these three collections is a statement in itself, they impress with their design and striking appearance and underline the individuality of the wearer in everyday life.

Exclusivity by alain LE mondial strictly follows the maxim of the former exclusive Swiss watch brand alain LE mondial: "Noblesse Oblige - nobility obliges". With its rarity and exclusivity in design, this collection is the culmination of the high-quality alain LE mondial jewellery collections.

As already expected from the different models of the high-quality wristwatch collection by alain LE mondial, the jewelry collections also impress with their exclusivity, imaginative design and sophistication in their execution. The wristwatches by alain LE mondial, known by radio and television, and their different models in leather, steel, steel-gold and steel-gold with diamonds are ideally complemented by the exclusive jewellery masterpieces.